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The brief was to revise the branding identity for the North York Moors National Park. The Key was not to re-ivent the wheel with the design but to evoLve an already well recognised branding icon. Sounds easy right? In reality it was a very delicate and tough task which required and understanding of the impact it would have across the many, many different materials it would be viewed on by the public...we relished the chance to take it on!

We were approached by the NYMNP in 2014 to work on the revision of the existing logo identity which features the very recognisable icon of Young Ralph’s Cross. We were honoured to be asked to work on something of such huge historical and cultural significance and set about creating what we think is a beautiful balance between the iconic nature of the previous logo along with a contemporary and fresh design that would hopefully be used for many generations to come.

We began by trying to understand the pride the area has in it’s National Park status and how the millions of visitors each year value and respect the logo as a symbol of importance. We simplified the illustration of Young Ralph’s Cross giving it clean edges but keeping it's recognisable shape. The rolling moorland hills were also simplified and provide a platform for the cross to sit proudly on.

The feedback we received throughout the project by the NYMNP was excellent and helped shape the final logo mark into what you see today. We are very proud to have played our part in the history of this prestigious organisation in this beautiful part of the world we are lucky to live in.